SELinux Training

SELinux Basic Training Summary

Tresys has received many requests to conduct training on the fundamentals of Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) to prepare engineers on how SELinux works and can bring enhanced security to their environment.

The SELinux Basic Training provides engineers an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of SELinux from Tresys subject matter experts.

It includes a two (2) day training session at Tresys Headquarters, located in Columbia, MD. The training is discussion-based and interactive and has two hands-on activities.

The training will help engineers:

— Understand SELinux and type enforcement (TE) concepts

— Understand the differences between SELinux and other access control or security mechanisms

— Identify and gain a high level understanding of the SELinux policy language

— Understand the security challenges that SELinux addresses

— Get hands-on experience writing and analyzing an SELinux policy

Critical Success Factors:

The following factors are key to get the most out of the SELinux Basic Training:

— Engineers attending the class should have an understanding of Linux system administration.

— Engineers should be able to attend the entire time during both days.

For more information on upcoming classes and availability, please contact us.

A detailed training syllabus can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Fundamentals of SELinux Training - Syllabus