Security Enhanced Linux

Improve Your Security Posture

Tresys can help you effectively apply SELinux to lock down critical systems.

Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is an optional security layer that has been available for Linux systems for more than a dozen years. Its powerful security features and built-in flexibility have made it a go-to solution for government applications that require the highest level of information security. Recently, commercial organizations have been turning to SELinux to protect financial, critical infrastructure and other high-security systems.

While SELinux provides the flexibility to meet just about any security objective, this flexibility brings with it complexity that can make it challenging to implement. Many organizations do not have the hands-on experience needed to take advantage of the full power of SELinux. We can help.

Practical Application of SELinux

Tresys has applied SELinux to a wide range of systems, from enterprise-level servers to embedded industrial control systems to mobile and wearable devices. This expertise in the practical application of SELinux is why government and commercial organizations rely on Tresys to help them get the most out of SELinux.

Jump-Start the Process

Our experts can help you successfully implement SELinux by:

  • Understanding your security objectives
  • Developing SELinux policy to enforce those objectives
  • Providing ongoing implementation and operational support

In addition, we provide a full complement of SELinux training services, including quarterly training classes and custom workshops where our SELinux subject matter experts work with you on your specific challenges.


Uniquely Qualified to Support Your SELinux Efforts

  • Tresys has been an active member of the SELinux community since the first releases of the capability in 2001.
  • We are a leader in applying SELinux to solve real-world problems.
  • We are the primary contributors to the open source Certifiable Linux Integration Platform (CLIP), which serves as a starting point for building secure solutions on SELinux.
  • Our own products are hardened with SELinux, making us not only a consultant but also an everyday user.