Data Diodes

Securing the Operational Perimeter

XD Bridge™ helps protect the nation’s critical infrastructure through secure one-way data transfer.

Tresys data diode products protect the safety and reliability of industrial control systems and operational technology (OT) networks. Acting as unidirectional security gateways, our data diodes offer unparalleled protection for nuclear facilities, power plants, utilities, oil and gas companies, and other critical infrastructure providers that need to isolate the OT environment while providing operational data to business networks.

Proven Data Diode Products

Tresys XD Bridge is certified to protect the U.S. government’s most critical information, including classified defense and intelligence networks. We apply this same hardened technology to protect the data networks and digital assets of critical infrastructure facilities.

XD Bridge is a unidirectional network security product that:

  • Combines two servers connected by a one-way optical network into a 1U rack-mount appliance
  • Secures OT and IT connections, preventing any network traffic from moving from the IT to the OT network
  • Allows the secure transfer of data from the OT network to approved business and IT systems
  • Provides filtering to prevent malicious or unauthorized data from being passed through documents, PDFs, image files, zip files, archive files, and other complex data types
  • Helps nuclear generation facilities meet stringent NEI 08-09 regulatory requirements
  • Helps electric utilities and other energy sector operators meet strict NERC CIP compliance requirements

Tresys also offers XD Guardian™, an exportable data diode designed for critical infrastructure organizations outside of the U.S.


Critical Infrastructure Operators Count on XD Bridge and XD Guardian for:

  • High throughput, low latency data transfer
  • Low purchase and operating costs
  • Unmatched flexibility
  • Airtight OT and IT network connectivity
  • Compliance with strict industry security requirements