Cross Domain Solutions

Minimizing Time to Deployment

At Tresys, we have been developing and evaluating cross domain solutions (CDS) for the Department of Defense, intelligence community, and civilian government agencies for more than a decade. Our unmatched credentials include pioneering the use of Security Enhanced Linux for cross domain solutions, developing multilevel access solutions, custom guards and data filters.

With extensive experience across the entire cross domain lifecycle, we have a comprehensive view of the entire process. As a result, our portfolio of cross domain products and services ensures that our customers can operate successfully in today’s data-fusion-intense environment.

High-Performance, Low-Cost Platforms

XD Bridge is a dual-guard, quad-diode cross domain appliance that combines unmatched flexibility with low cost and high performance. Its unique architecture and secure Linux operating system can easily support a wide range of one-way and bidirectional cross domain transfer applications.

Why XD Bridge?

  • Hundreds of deployed systems, including use by the Joint Strike Fighter program
  • UCDSMO Baseline listed, TSABI certified, and SABI certification pending
  • Supports transfer of hundreds of file types, low-latency streaming data, and messaging protocols
  • Lower up-front and ongoing operational costs than competing products
  • Per-unit licensing not tied to capacity or throughput
  • Ideal CDS development platform for system integrators

Tresys also offers XD Guardian, a functionally-equivalent exportable version of the product.

Deep Filtering Expertise

Tresys has a depth of filtering experience that few companies can match. From our off-the-shelf deep-content inspection applications to custom-developed filters, you can count on us to help you meet your most challenging CDS requirements.

For more details on filtering, click here.

Extensive Certification and Accreditation Experience

The certification and accreditation process can be the most time-consuming and frustrating part of implementing a CDS. We can help. Not only do we have extensive firsthand experience in certifying third-party cross domain products, but we also helped train staff in the government’s first CDS certification, test and evaluation labs. We draw on this unique expertise to support you every step of the way from preparing for certification to navigating the process, and we can even complete the lion’s share of the necessary documentation.

For more details on certification and accreditation, click here.

Our deep experience with certification labs, their processes and evaluation criteria helps mitigate accreditation risks that increase costs and cause delays.

Complete Life Cycle Support

Tresys can help you with all stages of the CDS life cycle:

  • Evaluating your needs
  • Establishing system requirements
  • Designing, building, and testing cross domain security solutions
  • Preparing approval packages
  • Supporting the certification and accreditation process
  • Providing installation, training, and ongoing maintenance services