Solving Complex Security Challenges

We provide our customers with comprehensive security solutions that meet the challenges of the most demanding environments in the world. Whether it’s supporting the warfighter, intelligence analysts or government agencies, or supporting energy, water or nuclear facilities, Tresys solutions are on guard against constantly evolving security threats.

We leverage open source technology wherever possible to reduce up-front and operational costs and make our products easy for customers and integrators to customize to their specific needs. From cross domain information sharing to certification and accreditation services to security consulting and assessment, our products and services help our customers solve their most complex security challenges.

Network and Perimeter Defense
Our products and services include cross domain solutions, data diodes, and removable media threat protection.

Product Security Analysis
We perform security analyses on laptops, servers, mobile devices,operating systems, system components, mass storage devices, and embedded systems.

Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
We help government and commercial organizations apply SELinux to lock down critical systems.