XD Air™

Strongest Removable Media Protection Available

XD Air is the only U.S. Cyber Command-approved tool for the transfer of classified data using portable media.

XD Air is an integrated hardware/software package that inspects and cleans files on portable media of malware and other malicious content. A laptop-based kiosk, XD Air was developed in conjunction with the National Security Agency as a file sanitization tool to enable the safe use of portable media*. In the six years since its development, more than 1,000 XD Air systems have been successfully deployed in government, nuclear, and commercial environments.

Application Flexibility

Proven in a variety of government and critical infrastructure applications, XD Air:

  • Protects against media-borne and data-borne threats when transferring data to secure or critical networks.
  • Enables assured transfer of classified data between high-risk networks using portable media (meets the requirements of JTF-GNO CTO-10-004A for Removable Flash Media Device Implementation).
  • Assists in publishing digital documents by exposing hidden content and verifying cleansing before release—helping ensure that classified or confidential data is not inadvertently disseminated.
  • Verifies the authenticity of content from trusted sources.

How It Works

  • Inspects and cleans files on removable media to mitigate the risk of introducing malicious content
  • Offers three methods of protection: Known Good, Known Bad and Known Source
  • Applies advanced filtering techniques to perform deep content inspection of complex file types, exposing hidden threats and data missed by conventional antivirus and anti-malware protection
  • XD Air is hardened against attacks from media-borne malware
  • Securely erases media
* XD Air was originally known by the program name File Sanitization Tool (FiST)

XD Air Data Sheet

XD Air: Three Methods of Protection

XD Air goes beyond antivirus scanning to protect enterprises against the full spectrum of portable media threats.

Known Good: XD Air performs deep content inspection on the biggest source of malware infections: MS Office and PDF files. XD Air transfers only "known good" content from these files to clean destination media. This process eliminates hidden data, macros, and executable content. Because it doesn't rely on signatures of know malware, this process is effective against zero-day attacks.

Known Bad: All files are also scanned with multiple antivirus engines as an added layer of defense.

Known Source: By verifying the signature of digitally signed files and determining that the content exactly matches a signed manifest, XD Air helps establish the trusted transfer of known-source files into secure facilities.